Josyann Abisaab and Award for Service

Dr. Josyann Abisaab was recently presented with an award “for devoting 20 years to helping establish and nurture Emergency Medicine as a clinical and academic specialty.”  This is not the first time the MD has received an award for her dedication and services.  In 2009 Abisaab was likewise awarded a citation for two decades of service in medicine.  This was connected to her work at Weill Cornell Medical College and at that time, the college’s dean, Dean Gotto, was pictured with her at the ceremony.  In June 2010 however, the award was presented at the New York Presbyterian Residency Graduation Ceremony.

Managing Burns

Sometimes people are unsure whether or not they need to go to the emergency room.   But there are certain cases when it is completely clear cut, like with a burn.  If you or someone you are with is the victim of a burn, do not hesitate; head straight for the ER or even call an ambulance. One might want to also read up on how to deal with burns, as the treatment depends on what kind of burn one is afflicted with. Workers at the ER should be aware of certain basic procedures when encountering a burn victim.