Josyann Abisaab: Lawn Mower Dangers

No matter the time of year, there are many ways that children can get hurt and end up in the emergency room. One of these hazards involves the pushing lawn mower. While parents often want their children to have chores around the house, it’s important to think about which chores are appropriate for which ages.

Emergency room doctors like Dr. Josyann Abisaab see a surprising 17,000 children a year who require emergency room care because of lawn mower accidents – and certainly some of these are quite serious.

Page Geske of Safe Kids Magic Valley says, “kids under 12 shouldn’t be allowed to operate a pushing lawn mower and some of the recommendations are children shouldn’t drive a lawn mower, a riding lawn mower until age 16.” Many safety experts recommend that children under six shouldn’t even be outside when the law mower is being used, as it’s hard to keep a constant watch on kids and they can easily get their hands caught in the machine.


Backyard Safety During the Summer

The summer months are a time to enjoy the great outdoors. This opportunity also comes with risks, however, and they need to be closely understood to prevent accidents. Even the family backyard can become a location for accidents and emergency room visits.

Anyone who has a trampoline, for instance, should know that they can be extremely dangerous. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that in 2010, over 92,000 hospital room visits were due to trampoline accidents. In order to avoid injuries, families need to limit the number of people allowed on the trampoline at one time and make sure that an adult is always around to supervise.  There should also be a safety net around the trampoline to keep children from falling to the ground.

The swing set also poses potential dangers. The set should be checked before children get onto it, to make sure that the normal wear and tear that it receives hasn’t created any dangers.  Since wood can rot over the winter, the owners should check for decay as the summer starts. Bolts should be replaced if they are rusty and children should always be watched.

All of these suggestions will help families to have a safe time playing at home during the summer and to avoid emergency room visits to Dr. Josyann Abisaab and the many emergency room doctors like her.