Josyann Abisaab on Elderly Care & The Hospital

The more prepared you are before you have to visit the hospital, the more smoothly the experience should go when you actually have an emergency.  If you are elderly and living alone, there are a number of precautions that you should take before an emergency room visit is necessary.

Make sure that you know which emergency room you’ll want to go to.  Plan out how you will get there and have the phone numbers for your friends, your taxi service or your other ideas easily accessible and by the phone.

Going to the hospital for a visit isn’t a bad idea, particularly if you’ve never been to this particular hospital.  Find out when you are there where you check in, where you wait and how the system works.  Obviously, if you are brought in by an ambulance, this information won’t be relevant.  But, it’s certainly possible that you will be coming on your own with a driver who has brought you.