Ambulances: Do They Get You Treated Faster in the ER?

Many people have the misconception that they’ll get treated faster in the emergency room if they arrive in an ambulance. While people with serious problems, who are brought to an emergency room like New York Presbyterian Hospital Dr. Josyann Abisaab, may get put at the front of the line, others won’t necessarily.

As Michelle Dressman, a pediatric ER nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland explains, patients get evaluated upon arrival. The length of time that you have to wait will depend on your symptoms and history, not whether or not you arrived with blinking lights.

If you do decide that you need an ambulance, make sure to find out which hospital they plan to take you to. Some hospitals may be better suited to help with you with the specific type of issues that you have. A major medical center, for instance, may be more suited for your needs than is a community hospital. This is particularly true if you have neuromuscular disease or other tricky issues.