Josyann Abisaab on Children’s Health Care

Children’s Health Care: Is it an Emergency?

Certainly, there are times when a child gets hurt badly enough that you know they need to go to the emergency rooms. There are other situations, however, that aren’t as clear cut.  During these times, you have five main options.

You can handle the problem at home.  Minor illnesses and cuts, some rashes, minor coughs, colds, bruises and the like can all be handed with over the counter treatments and love.  If you aren’t sure what your child needs, you can always call your primary care physician.  The doctor or nurse can help you to figure out what steps need to be taken.

You can always visit an urgent care center if you have a non-emergency at night or on the weekends.  You can usually have X-rays taken, have stitches done, and have care for minor injuries that require medical attention but that aren’t life threatening.

The last two actions are more extreme and they include visiting the ER where emergency room physicians like Josyann Abisaab will care for you, or calling 911.  Many serious conditions require a visit to the emergency room including head trauma, dehydration, meningitis, breathing issues and more.  Sometimes, you may feel that you need the help immediately and that you’ll need the help on the way to the hospital. In this situation, it’s best to call 911 and to get the care that you need immediately.